Episode 31

Published on:

29th Sep 2021

The Phoenix

In this episode, Hastra is back, in a Highmast story by Lizzy Duffield-Fuller. 

Author of The Heir of Drymote, a sensationalist Victorian mystery romance is now available to buy!


And fantasy novel, Remnant.


You can also find her modern fantasy parody, In Which Clarice is the Protagonist of her own Story, on Wattpad, and traditional sword and sorcery fantasy, The Seasons of Salt, on Dreame.

To read more of Lizzy’s short stories, check out his page:



Episode Written By Lizzy Duffield-Fuller

Produced by Beth Connor


Michael Connor as the Bartender and Gregyr

Beth Connor as the Hastra/Ryvette and Madam Myal

Russell Norman as Dryvus

Joe Murdock as Aderforth

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