Episode 5

Published on:

1st Mar 2021

Route 5

In this episode, we meet Cho, in a story crafted by Michael Boquet. This story was inspired by the prompt: “Write about someone whose job is to help people leave their old lives behind.” 

Michael Boquet (pronouns he/him) is a freelance writer who specializes in reviewing pop culture and entertainment. He currently writes for Centerfield of Gravity and Graphic Policy, under the nom de plume Joe Bones. He's also held positions as a content creator for non-profits, most notably community theatres.

A long-time fan of DC Comics, he has recently expanded his comic book reading to include titles by many different independent publishers. Joe is an active bibliophile who loves to read books by diverse authors. His favorite genre is horror, but he reads a decent amount of Sci-Fi, and some fantasy. He isn't into non-fiction or most biographies but does enjoy a good memoir. In his spare time, he enjoys playing harmonica, watching mindless television, and engaging in social activism.

To read more of Michaels stories, check out his page:



Episode Written By Michael Boquet

Produced by Beth Connor


Michael Connor as the Bartender

Beth Connor as the narrator and Cho

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